About Doug Stringer

Dr. J. Doug Stringer
Founder & President, Somebody Cares America-International

Dr. J. Doug Stringer is founder and president of Somebody Cares America-International, an international movement that has received recognition nationally and globally. His years of ministry have taken him to numerous communities and nations; from urban to foreign missions; from garbage dumps to the palaces and halls of government leaders.  As an Asian-American, Doug is considered a bridge-builder of reconciliation among various ethnic and religious groups. From preachers to politicians, he is recognized as an ambassador. Doug is a sought-after international conference and crusade speaker. Annually he addresses thousands throughout the U.S. and abroad on topics such as compassion evangelism, persevering leadership and community transformation, and more. Additionally he is invited by civic leaders including mayors and police officials to address issues in major cities across the US.

From one-on-one ministry to crusades of thousands, Doug is a revivalist at heart.  He burns with an evangelistic passion to see people reached with the Gospel. To the Church, he presents a prophetic challenge of consecration, commitment, and action.

He has received honorary and earned degrees from various colleges, including a PhD in Leadership and Human Development and an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Logos Graduate School; a DMin. from New Covenant International University; and a Pastoral Certificate in Practical Ministry from Regent University.

Somebody Cares has implemented several citywide strategies now multiplied in communities across the nation and internationally. Over the years, Somebody Cares has become a model for connecting needs with resources during many natural calamities like the Japan earthquake/tsunami, Midwest tornadoes, Texas wildfires, the earthquake in Haiti, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike, Isaac and Sandy. Through the expansion of the disaster preparedness and relief collaborations, the ministry has established the Global Compassion Response Network.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, at a Houston Texans’ football game, the work of Somebody Cares and Doug Stringer was recognized by Houston Mayor Bill White, County Judge Ed Emmett and Texas Governor Rick Perry. Gov. Perry also included Doug and Somebody Cares in the 2009 State of the State address. Doug and the work of Somebody Cares were named by Charisma magazine as one of the Top 12 Newsmakers of 2008.

Doug has served on several disaster relief panels, including a forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation based in Washington D.C. Doug is listed as a Policy Expert by the Heritage Foundation. He also serves on the International Advisory Board of the Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy.

Doug served on the Executive Leadership Committee for America for Jesus (AFJ – 2012), a national prayer gathering to be held in Philadelphia, PA. In August 2011, Doug served as the National Mobilization Coordinator and local host for The Response, a national prayer gathering with nearly 50,000 in attendance in Houston, Texas. Since that time, he has served as coordinator for statewide Response gatherings in five other states.

Doug contributes articles, comments, and insights to various publications and leaders. He has been a guest or guest host on numerous radio and television programs, Somebody Cares® has produced made-for-television programs entitled Living Life Beyond the Moment with Doug Stringer, which have aired on various networks.

Doug is the author of the books: It’s Time To Cross the Jordan, The Fatherless Generation, Somebody Cares, Born to Die  (on the work of the Cross), Hope for a Fatherless Generation, Living Life Well (on the Spirit of the Ten Commandments), In Search of a Father’s Blessings, and Leadership Awakening: Foundational Principles for Lasting Success. 

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