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  • Light of the World

    The Word Dwells Among us!

  • The King is summoning us!

    Are we responding like Esther or Vashti?

Dr. J. Doug Stringer
Founder and President,
Somebody Cares
America / International

Dr. J. Doug Stringer is founder and president of Somebody Cares America/International, a network of organizations around the globe impacting their communities through unified grassroots efforts. Doug began identifying community needs through his work in the inner-city of Houston, Texas in 1981.


Light of the World: The Word Dwells Among Us

There are so many tragedies around the world right now that it’s hard to keep up. There is such an acceleration—the whole earth is groaning. There are wars and rumors of wars; the nations are raging; people’s hearts are failing them. But this is an opportunity for us as the Church to truly be a […]


El Gibor: The God of the Champion

A Father’s Day Message By Doug Stringer On Father’s Day 2013, when my daughter was 11 years old, she gave me a card that read, “On Father’s Day, the world revolves around you. Tomorrow, it can go back to revolving around me, thus restoring balance and harmony to the universe.” Then she wrote, “I love […]


Spiritual Lessons from the Titanic & the Book of Hebrews

When I think of all the people whose souls are hanging in the balance of an eternity without God, I am reminded of the tragic story of the Titanic. April 15, 2021, marked the 109-year anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. In stark contrast to Noah, who by divine warning obeyed God and […]


Azusa Street Revival: 115 Year Anniversary on April 9, 2021

This is an adapted and updated article written by Doug Stringer in March 2006 for the 100th Anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival, then updated again on the 110 Yr Anniversary, 2016. Tens of thousands of Christians converged in Los Angeles on April 9, 2016 for “Azusa Now” with Lou Engle to pray and observe […]