What brings us to our knees? What causes you and me to cry out to God in desperation? Is it simply an unquenchable desire to draw close to the lover of our soul? Or does it take something tragic to awaken our hearts? The fact that we are even asking ourselves the question is a good sign.  It means we recognize that the Lord is the only One who can bring change, whether to our individual lives or corporately as the Body of Christ. Our nation and the world at-large are looking for answers and solutions. Are we prepared to point them to God?

Revival is coming and it will arrive in one of two ways — either by birth or shaking. Wouldn’t it be better for revival to come by our choice to humble ourselves and press in to the Lord? That would be revival by birth.  Unfortunately it often takes a shaking to bring us to a place of genuine passion and intimacy with Him.  We see this contrast in Micah chapter 4 and Isaiah chapter 2. These passages are virtually identical in the beginning; it is their endings which are quite different. Micah 4 is a picture of revival by birth, while Isaiah 2 shows revival by shaking (or judgment).

Regardless of which way we come, it is the Lord’s desire for us to open our hearts before Him.  He’s preparing us to minister His love to those around us. What will it take to get us ready? It involves action on our part; we must surrender to Him and His Lordship in our lives.  Yes, we did that the day we accepted Jesus but the Bible tells us that we are to work out our salvation knowing that He who began a good work in us will complete it (Phil 1:5-6; Phil. 2:12).  God’s mercy is new to us every morning (Lamen.3:23).  Because of His great love for us, we can come boldly before His throne of grace to obtain help in our time of need. (Heb. 4:16). Therefore, we willingly ask Him to expose any area of our lives that is contrary to His character and His ways. God knows us and we can trust Him with our hearts.

  • A genuine passion for Christ allows no room for compromise or mediocrity.

There are two alarming situations in the city where our ministry is based.  Houston, Texas is the number one Teen Sex Trafficking city in the nation. It is not a statistic to be proud of and that alone should drive many of us to our knees. In addition, potentially the largest abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere is being built right here.  The challenge the Lord presented to me and to believers in our city is this.  What are we going to do about it?  First, God has to prepare our hearts if we are going to be effective in ministering to others. We must address any compromise in our own lives that would hinder us in confronting such a serious issue. We must be cleansed of heart and persevere in prayer if we are going to experience lasting change in our personal lives, our cities, our nation and globally.

How can we settle into complacency while multitudes of souls are in the balance of eternity?  Jesus weeps over the needs of His people.  He weeps over those who are weary and struggling through their own wilderness.  He weeps over the millions who are lost without a vision of hope.  Because of His endless love, His ears are always open to our cries.

Are our hearts broken over the apathy or compromise we find in ourselves? From a posture of brokenness and contrition of heart the Lord will allow us to stand in the gap for others.  It’s a time like that spoken of by the prophet Joel in which we must weep between the porch and the altar prior to an outpouring of His Spirit or birthing of revival (Joel 2:17). After a time of repentance the Lord will bring a time of refreshing.

A place at the altar or symbolically at the feet of Jesus is a great place to be.  It’s a place where the Lord can work in us first and then through us. We need courage today more than ever before to stand for the Lord.  That kind of courage requires a love for truth more than life itself.

Will you join with me to stand in the gap on behalf of those so desperate for His love?  We have such a great opportunity to see a mighty harvest of changed lives!  As Winkie Pratney once wrote, “When God finds someone with courage to pray and live a life of holiness and compassion; He can literally change the face of a nation.”

May our hearts’ cry be, “God, break our hearts with the things that break Yours.

Lord we seek You first and ask for Souls, Changed Lives and Revival; and let it start with me.”