We Need Ears to Hear, Eyes to See, Hearts Awakened

By Doug Stringer (April 2023) A troubling recent survey says that the portion of born-again Christians who still believe Jesus was sinless during His time on earth has declined significantly. The American Worldview Inventory 2023 found just 44% of born-again Christians believe Jesus didn’t commit any sins during His life on earth. That’s down from […]


A Priceless Heirloom, A Generational Legacy

by Lisa Stringer Doug is a man who will always direct you to truth.  He often says statements that cause me to process what I just heard and how it applies to situations in my life.  He is constantly reminding us to filter what we hear and believe through the word of God. One of […]


Are we seared of conscience? Create a clean heart in us, oh God!

Exposure. Implosions. Explosion. During the last few weeks of 2022 and coming into the new year, I heard those three words repeatedly in my spirit as I pushed through a season of travail over the complicity of sin in our nation, even by leaders in the Church. I believe the Lord was telling me: 1. […]


It’s Time to Reflect & Refocus

How our posture and perspective can position us for breakthrough! This time of year, many of us reflect on our lives, taking an honest assessment of the ways we have overcome challenges and examining our shortcomings. But reflecting on the past without perspective often leaves us with regrets. We all have regrets. I know I […]


‘Tis the Season! Expectation of Light & Hope for the World

The Light of the World has come! His coming is what we celebrate at Christmas. From the very start, His light drew people who hungered for truth from far and wide. Consider the magi, or wisemen. Many of us know the song, “We Three Kings,” written by John Henry Hopkins Jr in 1857 for a Christmas […]


Give Me a Drink of Thanksgiving and Gratitude

“Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness. And for His wonderful works to the children of men! For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness.” (Psalm 107:8-9) As we enter into Thanksgiving week, many traditionally look forward to spending time celebrating with family and friends. […]


The Devil Wants Your Vision, But The Lord Wants Your Limp

The devil wants your vision, your strength! But the Lord wants your limp. In 1 Samuel 11, we read how Nahash the Ammonite came against the people of Jabesh Gilead, blockading them and backing them up against a corner, so to speak. With their backs against the wall, they were willing to make a covenant […]


The Value of the Golden Aged Among Us

Even in old age, they will still produce fruit… Sarah bore Isaac when she was 90 years old! Moses led the Israelites out of bondage when he was 80. God cared for them, carried them, and used them! If you are nearing or are already in your golden years, don’t despair. You have much to […]


Discernment to Rise Above: For Those Who Have Ears to Hear

In late October of 2019, I had a vivid dream that stirred my spirit. It was a bit disturbing and unsettling. In the dream, I was invited to do some sort of invocation before the men and women of Congress. I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t know if I want to share what is […]



We can only press on and do what God calls us to do after we have pressed in to the presence of God. The late revivalist Leonard Ravenhill was like a spiritual grandfather to me. One thing he always said to me was, “Press on, Doug. Keep pressing on.” Eventually I realized that I could […]

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