As I come to new crossroads in life, I think of many things. I think of yesterdays and years gone by. I think of tomorrows to come and investments in lives yet to make. Oh, how my heart aches for the multitudes shipwrecked in the seas of despair who need to know that somebody cares. Help me Lord, to make a difference even in the frailty of my humanity.

What is it to live this life without a purpose, a cause bigger than ourselves in light of eternity? Oh, that I would be a better steward of the time allotted to me in this life. The Bible says it well, “Life is but a vapor.”

What will we leave to the next generation of ourselves? How will our lives read in the pages of history? It is said that we have but one life to give and then it’s gone. What is it to live if only for ourselves?

Doug Stringer