I’m working on a new article to go with my series on The State of the Nation, “Before the Lights Go Out & the Presence of God departs”. Here are some notes I jotted down today for it. Hopefully I will add more on my blog the next few days on DougStringer.Com

“It is without a doubt we are living in some challenging times with many global uncertainties. There are economic & political upheavals, to unprecedented human & natural disasters increasing and escalating all around us. Regardless of our eschatological beliefs, I think we would all agree that we are experiencing some worldwide events of biblical significance. The greatest of human efforts, though as well intentioned as some may be, have proven to lack the ability to bring the changes that are needed. What we need is a divine intervention from heaven! Like in the the days of Samuel, the oil in the lamp is low. Will we let the lights go out and the Presence of the Lord depart? Or, will we with a rekindled fervor and passionate desperation cry out for the Lord to raise up prophetic voices and righteous judges like Samuel in the land? Hannah bore a new generation of prophet, Samuel. We too, are desperately in need of strong prophetic voices in the church & righteous judges in the land. Corruption & Compromise are affecting the pulpits of America and the church, as well as a runaway judiciary. What is hidden is affecting what will happen in public. Righteousness exalts a nation, but…..”