Hope For A Fatherless Generation book

Though the title of this book addresses a very critical issue, this book is also a State of the Nation, State of the Church & State of the Generation Address. It speaks with a prophetic insight and challenge for the days we are living.

Our nation faces perilous times, economic uncertainty, natural disasters, terrorist threats, and an overall spiritual and moral decline. To withstand these storms and keep our nation from falling, we must have a solid foundation for the next generation to build upon. Orphaned by the loss of natural and spiritual leadership, an entire generation is searching for something real to hang onto during lifes storms. By demonstrating the love and nature of our Heavenly Father, the people of God can bring hope to a fatherless generation, setting them upon the rock foundation of Christ. Originally published in 1995 under the title “The Fatherless Generation” & updated in 2009 as “Hope For A Fatherless Generation”, this book re-issues an urgent call to return to our foundations of faith and family, so that the coming generation can face the future with hope and not fear.


Who’s Your Daddy Now? book

Who’s Your Daddy Now addresses the key issue of our time—The effects of fatherlessness on our culture. Doug Stringer writes eloquently about how the alarming rate of divorce, abandonment, rejection, pregnancy, abortion, alcohol, and drugs can typically be traced to a broken relationship with a father. This powerful book illustrates the heart of God and gives the reader a clear path to the affirmation, acceptance, and approval of a father. Doug draws from his own struggle with fatherlessness and the struggles of others to offer insight into the power of God. These stories of overcoming the fatherless experience make this book impossible to put down. Topics included in this book

-The answer to the problem of fatherlessness in our nation
-The importance of spiritual fathers in the church
-How to be a spiritual father
-How to find a spiritual father
-God’s heart for reconciliation between generations
-The power unleashed when generations work together
-How to overcome broken trust and learn to trust again