America is at a critical juncture and crossroads. Sadly, too many have been lulled to sleep in apathy and lethargy. Rather, it is a time when we should quit pushing our snooze buttons and awaken from our slumber.

The late A.W. Tozer, in his article on “The Gift of Prophetic Insight” said;

“What God says to the Church at any given time period depends altogether upon her moral and spiritual condition…Religious leaders who continue to mechanically expound the Scriptures without regard to the current religious situation are no better than the scribes and lawyers of Jesus’ day who faithfully parroted the Law without the remotest notion of what was going on around them spiritually…The prophets never made that mistake nor wasted their efforts in that manner. They invariable spoke to the condition of the people of their times.”

We need courageous voices who will give a clarion call regarding the serious condition and battle for the heart of the Church and the very soul of our Nation. Like in the days of Samuel, it seems the lamp of the Lord is growing dim. Prayerfully, we will awaken in time to refill our lamps with oil so that our light would again shine brightly in the land and be a blessing to the nations.