Antinomianism is the belief that, under dispensation of grace, the moral law is of no use and thus rejects a socially established morality. Wake up, Church! Hebrews 10:26-29 refers to this as trampling underfoot the Son of God,  counting the blood of the covenant as an unholy thing (profaning the holy blood of Christ that was shed for us), and insulting the Spirit of Grace.

Sadly, many use grace not as a gift from God, but as an excuse to justify their lusts. Some use the Commandments as a legalistic noose, while others disregard the Spirit of the Commandments as a school teacher to guide us and protect us from causing hurt to others and shame to Christ’s Name. When one is in a relationship, they are not bound by the law to express love and respect, but because they are in love. Likewise, my desire to honor the Lord is not based on a legalistic view, but on a grateful heart’s desire to love Him and be a tangible expression of His love to others. My freedoms are not an excuse to live in such a way that gives license to others to live in licentiousness.

Doug Stringer