I had the pleasure of meeting and ministering with Stephan Tchividjian (eldest grandson of Billy Graham) when he spoke at the annual vision dinner for Hill Country Daily Bread near San Antonio, Texas a few years ago. He often says, “Rules without relationship leads to rebellion.” This explains what we see happening more and more in our nation today as those who have no relationship with the God of the Commandments have rebelled to the point of opposing any representation of Him in the public arena.

Statistics say the majority of Americans are favorable to public displays of the 10 Commandments, Nativity Scenes, etc. It seems there is a minority who are pro-actively using the letter of the law to coerce the majority to cower to the beliefs of the few, banning any mention of God in public. Just the other night during the Democratic National Convention they had to vote to reinstate God in their party platform because He had been removed. Interesting. DNC reinstated God in their platform after trying three times to get a consensus. Imagine that! Reinstate God? Wow! Good news is that it doesn’t take God three times to force a consensus to reinstate us into His platform. Our triune Holy God is already in agreement with Himself. No confusion there.

In 1956, a small lighted display case was erected on the courthouse lawn in downtown Houston to honor industrialist William Mosher for his contributions to the Star of Hope Mission, which as served thousands of homeless, desperate, and destitute individuals and families in the city throughout the years. The display-which is maintained by private funds and individual citizens-includes a King James Bible, honoring Mosher’s faith and love for the Lord, which compelled him to do the work of ministry to others. A judge in 2004 ruled that the Bible must be removed from the display after an individual complained that a Bible displayed on public property was unconstitutional. I wonder which of these would be the true Patriot?