“LEADERSHIP AWAKENING is a wonderful new contribution to the field of leadership success. I gained great insights from reading the book; you will, too.” Pat Williams, Orlando Magic Co-founder and Senior Vice President, author of THE SUCCESS INTERSECTION

“Doug Stringer’s passion for prayer driven leadership is a (our) catalyst to dream God-sized dreams. Leadership Awakening inspires us in the midst of great challenges and uncertainty to rise and shine. Doug’s prayer driven leadership awakened a spirit of reconciliation amongst many in South Carolina and beyond that helped prepare our state to demonstrate to the world grace and love in the wake of some very difficult times. Doug in Leadership Awakening reminds us more than ever that Jesus is calling leaders to awaken to His great power and purpose.”
Rev. Jeff Kersey, Lead Pastor Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church, Lexington, SC

Just when I wondered if anything new could be written on leadership, Doug Stringer stepped forward. Think of Leadership Awakening as 25 power-packed vignettes, each rich in practical counsel, each worthy of deep reflection. This book is designed to help you finish strong. It masterfully achieves that goal. Leadership Awakening is an excellent book, and as an author myself, commend Doug for the clarity and impact of this fine contribution to such an important subject.” John D. Beckett, Chairman, The Beckett Companies, Author: Loving Monday and Mastering Monday

“My friend, Doug Stringer, has written a courageous book out of the principles he personally exemplifies. His life speaks through this book. Though he says it well, well done is still better than well said. This book lays the foundation to finish well in life.” Bishop Dale Carnegie Bronner, Founder/Sr. Pastor  of Word of Faith Cathedral, Atlanta, GA

“In Leadership Awakening, my friend Doug Stringer—whose miraculous and inspirational recovery from cancer was captured on video when he ran up the ‘Rocky Steps’ at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the song ‘Gonna Fly Now’—offers a lifetime of wisdom and biblical insight on how to not only overcome the obstacles all leaders will inevitably face, but become the battle-hardened leader that God can use to fulfill His plans for the coming greatest spiritual awakening in history as end-time prophecies continue to unfold.” Troy Anderson, Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Journalist, Bestselling Author of The Babylon Code, and Former Executive Editor of Charisma

“Doug strives to follow God in good times and in bad, and to challenge others to do the same. We are in desperate need of a leadership and spiritual awakening in our nation. Building upon lasting foundational principles, Doug is working tirelessly to plant the seeds for that awakening and revival.” Bobby Jindal, Former Governor of Louisiana

True leadership is a calling, not a convenience. In the midst of great personal crises, Doug displayed his calling with the ‘peace that surpasses understanding.’ Some talk, others lead. Doug is among the latter.” Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

“Doug Stringer is a true hero, acknowledged as a champion advocate and mobilizer of ministry by many city churches since the founding and advancing of Somebody Cares Houston! His practical and penetrably effective strategy commands attention. His efforts have led to the formation of a ‘band of brothers’ with like values, leaders equipped with perception, passion, wisdom, and a practical spiritual sensitivity. Doug Stringer is among the five most effective parachurch leaders I have known in my fifty years of service. In a time of great need in our nation, cities, and local churches, I heartily recommend Leadership Awakening: Foundational Principles for Lasting Success. I urge you to open the pages of this book already knowing and fully assured that you will profit greatly.” Jack W. Hayford, Founder and Chancellor, The King’s University, Southlake, Texas; Pastor Emeritus, The Church on the Way, Van Nuys, California

“Doug Stringer’s life embodies both leadership and endurance. His commitment to Christ, his integrity, and his passion for serving others have been a transformative demonstration of leadership—one worthy of emulating. Accordingly, our dark times require prophetic leadership, people who are committed to issuing a clarion call to followers of Jesus to be holy, to be one, and to be the light. Doug’s teachings and, more important, his life raise the volume on that call, all the while reconciling truth with love.” Rev. Samuel Rodriguez President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Hispanic Evangelical Association

“Prayer warrior, leader, man of God—Doug Stringer issues a compelling call to each of us to be a leader that lasts. This is a unique moment in history—now is the time for leaders to rise up and lead.” Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President, Southern Baptist Convention; Senior Pastor, Cross Church, Springdale, Arkansas

“Doug Stringer reminds us of the basics of real leadership—the lessons we must learn are not easy but well worth the effort. All too often, we want to soar, but we have not laid a strong foundation. The book admirably provides the way and the motivation to live like strong leaders.” Ken Eldred
Author, The Integrated Life; Co-founder and CEO, Living Stones Foundation

“In Leadership Awakening, Doug Stringer discusses the genuine spiritual disciplines through which the Holy Spirit develops successful leaders in the midst of ‘cosmetic’ Christianity. Doug shares how God adjusted him through the Word, and how God can develop a credible champion dedicated to the care of others. Doug also depicts the values of humility and honor, the cores of transformational leadership. According to Scripture, Moses was the most humble man on the face of the earth, yet he led the nation of Israel during a very trying time. Such is the leader that Doug personifies.” Tom Phillips, Vice President, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association/Executive Director, Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Doug Stringer’s narrative of God’s call and purposes in his life is an inspiring and informative read. As I reflected on the multiple insights in this book, I could not help but think that his ministry, Somebody Cares, emphasizes first and foremost that God cares. This book describes the power of one person, surrendered to God, who started a movement teaching that anyone can learn to care. Leadership is a process, and Doug Stringer’s lessons are lifesaving ropes for climbers on the mountain of the Christian life.” Doug Beacham, Presiding Bishop, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“A true champion, Doug Stringer provides a compelling and comprehensive examination of the foundational principles of a Christ-centered Leadership Awakening—a must-read for those who aim to run their respective races with divine strength and confidence, and, most importantly, for those who aim to ‘finish well.’” Dr. Karen Kossie-Chernyshev, Professor of History, Texas Southern University and Minister of Music, Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church, Houston, Texas

“I’ve known Doug Stringer for over thirty years and consider him a ministry partner and a friend. The message he carries has directly influenced our church in pivotal seasons throughout the years. I have watched the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in Doug’s life, making him an outstanding leader in our day. God has raised up Doug to spiritually awaken men and women leaders to the desperate needs of our culture and to minister to those needs. Leadership Awakening: Foundational Principles for Lasting Success is a must-read for those who desire to impact ‘the day’ for God’s glory!” Dr. Steve Riggle, Founding Pastor, Grace Community Church, Houston, Texas; President, Grace International Churches

“We must be led ourselves before we can expect to effectively lead other people. Within these pages, Doug Stringer will show you how to follow another’s lead daily. From the blessed dependence of that state, you can then learn to lead others toward true fruitfulness. Doug’s life exemplifies the humility of submission to the Lord, first and foremost. Being led by the Lord, we will develop and sustain authentic, servant leadership, bearing much fruit for the kingdom of God.” Lisa Crump, COO, National Day of Prayer Task Force

“Doug Stringer has challenged my leadership. He has stretched my thinking to embrace others and see my calling as larger than my assignment as a local church leader. I am a better leader because of Doug’s ministry and message.” Garrett Booth, Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church, Houston, Texas

“I love it! Short paragraphs…short chapters…compelling illustrations and quotes…personal stories…confirming Scripture! More than leadership lessons, Leadership Awakening offers life lessons, as well. My sons will receive copies of this book! It is a fathomless resource of insight and inspiration from a father in the faith, and it captures the profound and the practical. Come drink at the wells of grace and glory refracted through the prism of Doug’s life.”Dr. Jeff Farmer
President, Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America; Former President, Open Bible Churches

“Leadership is proven, not just preached. Doug’s track record of remarkable success and reach will be your road map to significance in kingdom ministry.” Dr. Roger Parrott, President, Belhaven University

“I’m glad for the opportunity to lend my support to Doug and this very timely work. May the Lord grant great favor to him, and may Leadership Awakening hit many chords within the lives and hearts of leaders everywhere. From the wellspring of his international ministry and his own leadership journey, Doug Stringer offers those who know him well and those who are about to discover him a most timely topic—Leadership Awakening: Foundational Principles for Lasting Success. We live in an age when effective and righteous leadership appears to be in short supply. This book has something for every leader, whether seasoned or just launching. Doug clearly expresses that leadership, in all its facets, is more about the life, character, and constant spiritual formation of the leader than about successful results. A leader can gain the whole world and yet lose her or his soul. It is my privilege to recommend this insightful manual to those of us who are called and charged to lead.” Dr. Randall J. Pannell, Interim President and Vice President of Academics, North Greenville University


“Doug Stringer has been one of the greatest leaders of our time! His compassionate outreaches to thousands, along with his networking skills, integrity, and patience under trial have given him vast influence among several generations. If anyone can teach us about enduring leadership success, Doug can! I highly recommend this book!” Bishop Joseph Mattera, Founder, Christ Covenant Coalition

“Knowing Doug for over two decades, I confidently vouch that he lives by example. Through the thick and thin, trials and tribulations, promotion and fame, he always focuses on Jesus, who called him with a purpose. This book will stretch you to always excel in pleasing the Lord, whether you are a young or old, new or seasoned minister of the gospel. Doug shares many nuggets of wisdom he gained not as theories but as genuine experiences through the years.”Dr. Paul Tan, Apostolic Overseer, City Blessing Churches; President, World Blessing Foundation and Indonesian Relief Fund

“If anyone understands the intricacies of leadership, Doug Stringer does. God has given him insight into the challenges, struggles, and discouragements. As so, he is uniquely qualified not only to address these issues but to help us navigate this lifelong journey. If ever we needed a leadership awakening, we need it today. I encourage you to read and learn the principles discussed in this book, as they will help you lead in such a time as this.” Bishop Angel L. Núñez, Senior Pastor, Bilingual Christian Church; President, Multicultural Prayer Movement; Presiding Bishop, Bilingual Christian Fellowship

“Dr. Stringer is able to succinctly describe, with biblical examples and real life stories, the calling and challenges of being a Christian leader. His ability to identify the attributes of great leaders is inspiring, and a must-read for anyone wanting to understand what it takes to overcome the temptations and pitfalls of Christian leadership.” Jay E. Mincks, Executive Vice President, Insperity Inc.

Reading through the pages of Leadership Awakening, I found myself convicted, stirred, provoked, humbled, sobered, and inspired! Doug Stringer is a true father in the faith and a model of hope to this generation. He is one of the most authentic ministers and credible leaders I have the great honor of knowing. This book is an invaluable deposit of Doug’s heartfelt passion and real-life pain, as well as his staunch perseverance in the process of true servant ministry. The wisdom purchased in this book graciously points current and future leaders to the root structures of lasting transformational leadership. I stand with other sons and daughters in our generation in saying, ‘With the fear of the Lord, we boldly receive this baton!’”Jayde Duncan, Senior Pastor, Antioch Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Doug Stringer does not mince words. He appeals to us to move beyond superficiality, ‘cosmetic Christianity,’ and even the judgmental spirit of Pharisees. Instead, he urges us to embody the biblical truths we hold dear, with authenticity, fervency, and consistency. He challenges us to seek to love, serve, and restore, and to be willing to make a difference at great sacrifice. In other words, we must mirror God’s own heart for our world in how we do leadership. Doug has not only picked out leadership principles and explained them clearly, he has also formulated concise leadership strategies and patterns that could be taught and applied anywhere—especially in the marketplace. To say that Doug ‘walks the walk’ is an understatement. Few and far between are those believers who carry the heart of God with such faithfulness and consistency, ready and willing to suffer for the sake of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh, YTL Corporation & YTL Group