• El Gibor: God of the Champion

    A Father's Day Message

  • Spiritual Lessons

    The Titanic & The Book of Hebrews

  • The King is summoning us!

    Are we responding like Esther or Vashti?

  • The Centrality of the Cross

    One Blood, One New Man, One Accord

Dr. J. Doug Stringer
Founder and President,
Somebody Cares
America / International

Dr. J. Doug Stringer is founder and president of Somebody Cares America/International, a network of organizations around the globe impacting their communities through unified grassroots efforts. Doug began identifying community needs through his work in the inner-city of Houston, Texas in 1981.


Prayer, a Thought

When our hearts are grieved and our minds are vexed, one of the prayers of King David can be of encouragement.


Prophetic Perspective for our Times

We live in a time of shaking all over the world in both the natural and spiritual realms. But we, as people of God, so not need to fear. In the midst of the shakings, God wants His people to have Perspective, Peace, and Purpose. The first of these—Perspective, or Vision—is a message God has continued to put upon my heart. God made it real to me through a dream.


El Púlpito Es Responsable

Pareciera más y más que estamos viviendo en una tierra de paradojas. Mientras que todos somos beneficiarios de los Sacrificios hechos por los Fundamentos puestos y por los cuales disfrutamos de las Libertades e Independencia en nuestra Nación, muchos pasarían por alto las mismas raíces de esos fundamentos. Estamos atestiguando la inclinación humana para casualmente pasar por alto que las generaciones previas han mantenido como de fundamental importancia.


Toda La Tierra Gime Con Dolores De Parto

Las tres cosas que El Padre quiere darte cuando todo a tu alrededor está temblando


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