2013 Holocaust March of Remembrance Houston – Come Participate!

I would like to invite you to participate in the 2013 March of Remembrance Houston.  As Honorary Chair of the event, I feel it is important in this specific point in time in our nation’s history that we as the church come together to speak out against the rise of anti-semitism and death spirit that […]


Fall 2012 Prayer Initiatives

Join Me and Thousands from around the country as we Pray For America! Your voice is critical in this hour.   For 40 days leading up to Election Day, we will humble ourselves before the Lord, and cry out to him with one voice to save America. Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. Join the […]


Tribute & Encouragement for National Senior Citizens Day

  An encouragement & tribute to our seniors that God Has Not Forgotten Them: While many may not have heard about National Senior Citizens Day, it occurs every year on August 21st. Initiated by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, this day is set apart to acknowledge the life-long contributions our nation’s seniors have made to […]


Letter regarding a time of Hope & Healing in Aurora (Denver), August 9-10

There are no appropriate words to express what all of us felt when hearing of the senseless and tragic killings at a movie theater in Aurora (Denver), Colorado this past weekend. Like you, my heart was heavy as I heard the tragic news. In the midst of tragedy we can find a place of hope […]


Download some of doug stringer’s e-books

You can now download these books by doug stringer on Amazon.Com: Hope For A Fatherless Generation, Who’s Your Daddy Now?, Born To Die that we may live & Living Life Well; The Spirit of the 10 Commandments. We believe these books not only address the issues of our generation, but the critical importance of fixing […]


Who’s Your Daddy Now? & Hope For A Fatherless Generation available as e-books

Hope For A Fatherless Generation book Though the title of this book addresses a very critical issue, this book is also a State of the Nation, State of the Church & State of the Generation Address. It speaks with a prophetic insight and challenge for the days we are living. Our nation faces perilous times, […]


Reaching the Nations

 As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25 (NKJ) This month Lisa and I have a multi-city, multi-nation trip that touches the nations. We truly are journeying together for His Kingdom and His glory. I am expectant for what the Lord does through these few weeks! Please […]


PRAY and ACT – Calling Leaders

Dear Friends and fellow servant leaders, I am thankful for your courageous and persevering leadership in the midst of national and global challenges.  This is why I am forwarding to you the attached letter and update onPRAY and ACT.  I am one of over 90 national leaders who are signers and  calling the nation to a 40 day season of […]


The Response – Why I Am Involved!

Dear Friend,
I have been asked why I am participating with and will attend The Response at Reliant Stadium in Houston on August 6th.
Please take the time to read through my letter, which should help answer this question. I hope that you will use your…

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