My heart is heavy for my city, Houston. It’s hard to believe that only around 150,000 in a city of a few million, cared enough to vote their convictions during our recent Mayoral and City Council runoff elections, with so much at stake.

My spirit is grieved for the Church. Months ago I sensed the urgency to encourage people to individual heart awakenings and a corporate church awakening. Today I see how lethargic and asleep we really are. Is there just 1 in a thousand who cares enough to sacrifice time in prayer and expression?

What good is all our Praying, Preaching, and Proclaiming (declarations), if we do not put into practice what we Pray, Preach and Proclaim?

I just can’t seem to get Isaiah chapter 1 out of my spirit. God doesn’t regard all our numerous prayers, gatherings, religious formula’s, because we do not practice justice, we tolerate the shedding of innocent blood,we overlook the orphan and widow, etc.

Awaken us Lord. Awaken Your Church… that we would stop pushing our snooze buttons. Is there at least 1 per thousand willing to pray the price and make the personal sacrifices of our time, talent, & treasuries, to rebuild solid foundations to build upon? Oh, how the late Keith Green’s song, “Asleep in the Light” rings true today!

Doug Stringer