What if economic downturns lead the government to cutback on welfare and other benefits that have become a lifeline for some Americans?

What if legislation were passed which reduces or eliminates tax benefits for charitable contributions?

Questions such as these were posed in the 1990s when the strategic initiative of the Somebody Cares network began. Many non-profits and compassion ministries across our nation are reaching out to those in need. They’re filling the gap where the Welfare system falls short. And that’s how it should be. We the Church are called to be the tangible expression of Christ to our communities.

Today, we hear rumors that the Government is considering reducing tax benefits for charitable donations. How will we respond? Will we cut back on our giving? I pray for our sakes and the sake of our nation that we will continue to give above and beyond to support ongoing ministry efforts.

I recently received a call from Henry, a son in the Lord of our ministry. Hearing the news reports he was reminded of what our ministry shared back in the 1980s. He felt that what was spoken of more than 20 years ago is coming to pass today. It was a challenge then and a challenge now to us all.

From inception, the Somebody Cares network has purposed to be a voice for compassion ministries who are reaching out at a grass-roots level. We must be intentional in our efforts to bridge relationships with those who are not only doing a good work, they’re sharing the love of God. It’s likened to a net that is being mended. Each thread is important and though many are unseen, together they form the fabric which is prepared to hold a great harvest of souls. The work is hard and the hours are long for many. A number of charities are effectively meeting needs but what sets a ministry apart from a charity is its ultimate purpose. We want to see lives changed and transformed by God.
Many have laid aside their differences for a greater cause. In strength and unity of purpose we are seeking to build God’s kingdom. Setting aside personal agendas and in humility, we become part of something bigger than ourselves.

If the day comes that the welfare net rips open in our nation or the incentives to give to non-profits, churches and compassion organizations is removed, will we be ready? The needs are far greater than any single institution can handle. But if we, the Church, continue to work together, needs will be met and we’ll be Jesus’ hands and feet leading people to the greatest relationship they will ever know.


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